Station History

All stations in western NSW are located on leasehold areas. This means that all station owners have an agreement to lease the land with the NSW Government. Eldee Station leashold areas were formerly part of the large Mundi Mundi Pastoral Run which was over 600 square miles and had a carrying capacity of 30 000 sheep. The Mundi Mundi Pastoral Run had an area of 372 000 acres in New South Wales but also included land across into the state of South Australia.

The Mundi Mundi Pastoral run was settled by the Whittings family back in the late 1850's well before the NSW and SA borders were officially declared in 1870.The Whittings sailed from Plymouth (England) on the 13th April 1856 the Hoogly and and arrived on the 25th July, 1856. The Whittings then traveled up from Adelaide to the Barrier Ranges with two small children.

The Whittings were the first European settlers on the Barrier Ranges snf started setting up in the late 1850's. Mrs Whitting (Mary Ann) was the first European woman to live in the Barrier Ranges. This was still the case in 1868 when W.H. Tietkins traveled to Corona Station and he recorded that there were four station on the Barrier Ranges and they were Corona, Mundi Mundi, Alberta and Mount Gipps. Tietkins identified that Mrs Whittings lived with her husband on Mundi Mundi Station and that she was the only woman within a radius of a 100 miles. Their daughter Tryphena was the first European girl to be born on Mundi Mundi Pastoral Run in 1858 and on the Barrier Ranges as well. Mrs Whitting had many children and four of those children were buried near the original homestead. The Whittings lived on Mundi Mundi from 1858 until about 1885 when they left due drought.