Station Animals

Eldee Station is located in the Australian Outback where our nearest neighbour is 20 kilometers away and the nearest village is 31 kilometers away. This means that we have not only sheep and cattle but wild goats the occasional wild boar and many types of kangaroos, wallabies, lizards and snakes, Emus and many other species of birds, and Echidnas. We also have our working dogs which are black and tan kelpies called Jessica, Bill and Oscar. A pet sheep called Ted and many other pets as well.


Our sheep that water nearby are Merinos which have proven to be resilient and able to survive the harsh droughts in outback Australia. We raise this stock for the wool and meat values. We also have Hereford and Murray Grey Cattle who have also proven to be as resilient as our merino stock. These two type of cattle are known to be docile and easy to work with in the paddock and in the yards. We ask that visitors not approach the large livestock because they can be unpredictable if they have young calves at foot or if the bull believes he has to protect the herd. We also have one old grey horse that visit the homestead complex regularly because they are old and need to be hand fed from time to time.