Policies, Terms and Conditions

Booking confirmation
  1. All bookings will not be confirmed or held unconditionally until full payment is received to confirm your booking.
Checking in and out
  1. Check in is at 2pm and Departure time is 10am for all accommodation, caravan and camping sites.
  2. Any changes to check in and check out times incur an automatic $30(AUD) charge that will be added to your bill.
  3. Breakages are to be paid for by guests. We understand that you may forget to mention this when checking out, however please be advised that this cost will be debited to your credit card on departure.
  4. An additional cleaning fee $40(AUD) will be incurred if rooms are not left in a clean and tidy state.  Guests should ensure dishes are washed, dried and put away.
Cancellations and Refunds
  1. We only accept one date change per reservation and there will be as additional administration fee applied.
  2. Rescheduling of dates must occur within six months of original booking and payment date to ensure the payment is not forfeited.
  3. We do not refund cancelled bookings.
  4. If cancellation occurs within two weeks of arrival all payments are forfeited.
  5. Where cancellation of your booking occurs due to weather conditions locally that are beyond our control we will allow the renegotiation of your booking to be taken up within 6 months of the original booking without any loss to you.
  6. Where a refund is being sought due to medical reason a written request must be made and received before the commencement of the booking date for accommodation or tour and must be acompanied by a doctors medical certificate for consideration. There will be administration charges that we are not responsible for and therefore cannot refund.
Complaints and Disputes
  1. Any person may lodge a complaint about any matter over which Eldee Station has control and that he or she considers gives grounds for a grievance.
  2. Dispute resolution processes should generally only be utilised where attempts at informal resolution have been unsuccessful or would not be in the best interests of the complainant.
  3. All complaints must be recieved in writing within 10 workings days of the issue arising.
  4. Within 5 working days of receiving the complaint, written acknowledgment of the complaint shall be sent to the complainant.
  5. Investigation into the complaint shall begin within 10 working days of receiving the complaint.
  6. A written complaint must contain a clear statement of the grounds for the complaint and supporting documentation or evidence where appropriate.
  7. Complaints should be lodged with Eldee Station Management.
  8. Where the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of an investigation into a complaint, then dispute resolution will be sought as per the guidelines of the NSW Law Society.
  1. We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the event (without refund) if flooding occurs or there are road closures due to a heavy rain fall event to ensure the safety of all the participants involved. Please note that if the event is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to reschedule the event because it is such a great event.
  2. We do not accept any liability for injury or loss.

"Participants in this event participate at their own risk in all respects and should be aware of the conditions and exercise due care and skill so as to avoid damage or injury to person and property".

All participants and spectators attending are bound by the policies and procedures of Eldee Station.

  1. Any dietary needs must be notified at the time of booking.
Merchant Details
  1. The online merchant integrated with our booking button service is located in Australia.
Minimum Numbers
  1. A minimum number participants booked are required to operate all tours, where sufficient numbers cannot be achieved, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled departure. The decision to operate the tour is usually made 14 days prior to the departure date.
Packages and Tours Inclusions and Exclusions
  1. All inclusion are stated at the time of booking.
  2. Exclusions include the costs incurred by guests travelling to Eldee Station.
  3. Exclusions include the costs of additional meals and/or tours not included in packages.
Responsibilities of guests in common areas
  1. Guests are responsible for cleaning up common areas, such as the barbeques and outdoor eating areas and the camp kitchen after their use. 
Special Needs
  1. Participant’s special needs must be recorded at the time of booking. No guests or participants will be permitted to join or continue a tour while their mental or physical condition is, in the opinion of any representative of our business, such as to render them incapable of caring for themselves, or whereby they become objectionable to other passengers, or they become a hazard to themselves or other passengers. 
Travel Insurance
  1. We recommend the purchase of travel insurance to oversome any unforseen circumstances to provide you with cancellation, luggage, medical and repatriation cover if needed.