Eldee Station Climate Action

Here at Eldee Station we are committed to the environment and want to ensure that future generations have a sustainable outlook. We are a proud Climate Action Accredited Business adopting a climate action plan enabling the reduction of our carbon footprint.

For future guests we ask you to consider the following while on holiday

When making travel plans for you holidays ensure you hire the most efficient car available or opt for hybrid cars to help reduce emissions. Considering choosing attractions, destinations and products that have ecotourism accreditation.

Consider first when purchasing gifts that you are not purchasing items that come from endangered animals or species.

Try to make the most of locally produce foodstuffs, drinks, and support local attractions and activities that will support people directly in the regions you are visiting.  This will reduce even further your impact on the environment because you won’t need to travel. You can walk or hire a push bike to travel short distances.

One of the greatest impact on reducing your carbon footprint and reducing climate change affects  when on holiday is to not leave lights on, air-conditioning on or heating when you are not using your accommodation.

Water is an essential commodity that should not be wasted and when holiday so be guided by local information supplied about water usage and how you can conserve water on your holiday.

Links to independent, state and Federal Government resources

Office of Environment and Heritage NSW

Australian Conservation Foundation Supporting ACF campaigns by donation

Ecotourism Australia for information on ecologically sustainable tourism accreditation

National Geographic Climate Change Interactive Site

Cleaner Climate for travel calculator