Moon and Star Gazing

One of the major advantages of living and operating a buiness in outback far west NSW is the number of days and nights where we have beautiful cloudless clear skies day and night.

When we have a full moon you see much of the detial of the craters on our moon with your naked eye, binoculars or your camera to take fantastic photos that you will treasure forever.

The greatest star show of all is watching the Milky Way pass overhead and again you can take fantastic photos that you will treasure forever. There is a myriad of stars and consellations to look at with your naked eye, or binoculars or your camera.

The greatest advantage of moon and star gazing depending on the lunar calendar as to which you see when here on Eldee Station is the lack of light pollution caused by city lights and even town lights. There is no light pollution interference for visitors because the nearest city is Broken Hill.

Imagine sitting in you favourite comfortable deck chair and looking up to the sky to watch the greatest show on earth!