Silverton and Beyond

The NSW/SA border region around the iconic Village of Silverton in far western NSW has panoramic views of the Barrier Ranges and the infamous Mundi Mundi Plains the backdrops for many movies and ads. Eldee Station is located on both just 15 minutes away from Silverton. When you travel out to Eldee Station you will travel through the village of Silverton which has many interesting attractions for visitors to the region.

Some of the attractions to visit include the Silverton Goal which exhibits some of the social history of the area. Local art galleries including the Silverton Outback Art Gallery featuring John Dynon, the Horizon Gallery and Studio with principal artist Albert Woodroffe. All of these artists reflect our dynamic outback landscapes in their work. The newest attraction to open in Silverton is the Mad Max Museum the ultimate Mad Max Experience with many of the original cars and buggies used in Mad Max II. The Silverton Hotel is a fantastic relaxed country pub not to be missed the location of many films and adds. You will also travel near the Daydream Mine which offers the only underground mine tours for many hundreds of kilometers.