Self Drive 4WD Tracks

What could be more exciting that driving yourself and your family around an outback station making your own fun with everyone exploring learning about the outback? Well you can by driving and guiding yourself around 100 kilometres of station tracks.

One Permit

Here on Eldee Station we have 4WD Tracks that you can negotiate at your own pace and skill level. Access to these tracks is exclusive to those staying on Eldee Station and you must have a current drivers license and have a road registered vehicle.

Purchase price of permit is $40 and conditions apply. It is valid for up to 5 days use by the purchasee from the date of purchase; and this includes access to marked station tracks; a large A1 brochure with historical, heritage, geological and 4WD tips, and a large print out on A3 paper of the topography and tracks for Eldee Station.

Additionally the 4WD Permit payment also helps to pay for:

  1. All of the signage and information needed to keep users safe
  2. Goes towards some of the maintenance of the 100 kilometres or more of driving and walking tracks
  3. The removal of the rubbish and other unwanted items that sometimes gets left behind

What are the tracks like?

Remember our 4WD tracks are not flat graded roads but old station tracks so you really have to think about what you are doing and follow the tracks so you don't get lost and have fun and create your own adventure.

Access to tracks

The use of the tracks are no earlier than 9.00am in the morning and all vehicles are to be off the tracks no later than 4pm every afternoon. This is for safety reasons incase someone gets into difficulty and will provide enough daylight left to find people on the tracks.

We do not allow the following on Eldee Station:

No unlicensed drivers
No unregistered vehicles
No Guns
No Dogs
No Motorbikes
No Chainsaws
And no wood is to be collected - Arrangements are being made to sell bags of wood but they are not available yet so please ensure you bring fire wood and fires are only allowed in the cooler months when there are no fire bans in place.

Conditions apply so please refer to policies tab.

"Drivers will operate their own vehicle on Eldee Station at their own risk in all respects and should be aware of the conditions and exercise due care and skill so as to avoid damage or injury to person and property".

We also reserve the right to close driving tracks due to bad weather conditions and our all wheel drive may closed due to seasonal lambing and calving.

Before starting each tour please download and read the "Important points to read before you start a 4WD tag along tour or Self Drive Tour" print out download by clicking here.