Spectator Packages for Easter 2020

10th April to the 12th April, 2020

The are losts of activities for specators to participate in as well as having some of the challenges within walking distance or a short drive away from the main camping and restaurant area. Spectators are expected to follow the competitors vehicles and challenge marshalls. There is no random or unofficial driving around the station allowed during the challenges and at other times must be organised or part of a tour.

3, 4 and 6 day festival packages are available and can be booked by clicking on the "Book Now" button below:

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If you experience any problems please contact us by clicking here and include all of your details and we will respond as soon as we can.

Please click on facilities map to download and print as a guide for your stay on Eldee station.

Day Visitors - Sunday

3 day passes will be available online only for Friday, Saturday and Sunday for spectators online only.

We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the festival (without refund) to ensure the safety of all the participants involved if flooding occurs or there are road closures due to a heavy rain fall. Please note that if the festival is cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to reschedule the festival because it is such a great event.

"Participants in this festival participate at their own risk in all respects and should be aware of the conditions and exercise due care and skill so as to avoid damage or injury to person and property".

Conditions apply refer to policies and conditions