Festival FAQ

Are only 4WD's allowed at the festival?

Of course not. You can bring your all wheel drive and two wheel drives as spectators and there will be some walking involved to see several of the challenges but on the whole you will be camping close to many of the facilities, services and activities.

Can we have fires?

There are going to be controlled campfires everynight in front of the restaurant due to the time of year. You cannot bring your own wood and have your own fires as fire bans are usually still in place.

Can we bring charcoal or wood fired BBQ's or camps stoves?

No this is not possible due to the time of year. You will need to bring gas operated BBQ's and stoves only to prepare meals.

Do you have eftpos facilities?

Yes we have eftpos facilities located in our reception and restaurant area.

Are there going to be buses from Broken Hill to Eldee?

We are exploring this option and looking for feedback. If you would like to let us know please email Eldee Station.

Can I bring my dog?

Although we all love our dogs you are not able to bring your dog to the festival. Insurance companies do not allow for your pets at this festival.

Can I bring my motorbikes, chainsaw, guns or motorised esky?

No to all of the above for obvious reasons.

Can I purchase fuel onsite at Eldee Station?

No you need to make sure your tanks are filled up in Broken Hill and please remember to keep at least on Jerry can in reserve for just in case.

Can we bring alcohol?

Eldee Station is a licensed premises so no alcohol can be bought into the designated licensed area that will be denoted by signage but the bar will be open during the day up until 11.45pm and the usual closures due to Easter will apply.

How much is food?

Menu items begin at $4.50 right through to $30.00.

Any special dietary needs catered for?

There will be options for gluten and lactose free needs.

What can I bring?

Do NSW Road Rules apply onsite?

Yes they do and all around the facilities and campsites the maximum speed is 10 kilometres at all times.